Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to School SALE!

 It's back to school week and to celebrate I'm having a "Back to School Sale" in my Etsy shop.Wise old Betty Jo Owls brooches are half price for a limited time!
And I'm also having a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram . Comment on either and you could win a pair of my new Lino Studs. If you are not a facebooker or an instagrammer, you may leave a comment here to enter....because I'm an all inclusive kinda girl!


  1. Hello! Thank you very much for your all-inclusiveness... I would LOVE a chance to win a pair of lovely studs! My favourites are the pink and green ones, but both styles are just gorgeous!
    Thanks Betty Jo... I love your lush Lino crafts and your blog!
    Lou xo

  2. Hey Betty Jo - O Wise One - love the owls and have fun back at school. Thank you Monica

  3. Thanks Betty Jo for including us dinosaurs!! Love the colours in the lino studs.
    This is a special back to school day as it is the first day that my boy is back in mainstream school after three years at home - yipee!!


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