Friday, January 25, 2013

Light bulb moments ?

Where do you do the most thinking , planning, idea forming?
There was a time I used to get some crafty inspiration while lying awake in bed. Doesn't happen much now as I'm usually out like a light (luckily).
I used to be a mad swimmer of laps so in the ultra boring minutes looking at the bottom of the pool I would think and brain storm! Alas that particular activity has faded from my life, so now it's while I'm peddling.
Everyday I ride 5km to work at Gleaners Inc. and home again too. As well as looking out for crazy drivers and rogue garbage trucks I think and dream a bit as well.
Yesterday I  decided we needed some more cute studs for the shop. Mmm where could I source some? While cruising through the streets of Brunswick  I realized I should just make some myself. Out of the 2 things I have tonnes of-lino and buttons! 
So here are the first batch. They are approx 8mm circles with surgical steel posts. They will be available in Gleaners Inc., etsy when I get my shiz together, or if you want a pair now I'll take direct deposit or paypal. These are a limited edition folks so when they have gone there will be no more! ( note -top left and bottom left have sold).
 It's hard to photograph studs. I've never made something this tiny before! 
Now to get ready to ride to Gleaners and hopefully the light bulb will switch on.
Where do you have your light bulb moments?


  1. Shower. Or walking. For light bulb moments. Used to be while the old days. The riding probably gets the oxygen to your brain Liz for extra storming!!! I love these!

  2. In the shower, washing up, watering the garden ... hmm, water seems to bring on my light bulb moments!


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