Sunday, January 20, 2013

Who's a Pretty Birdie?

 Who's a pretty birdie? 
I made a blue budgie yesterday and thanks to Instagram he has been adopted and will be flying up to Queensland very soon. Are you on Instagram? I am MAD about it !!!!!!
 This new set of Flying Ducks have snippets of cloth from Gleaners Inc's infamous "A Piece of Cloth" swatches! We are getting excited as the "A Piece of Cloth" exhibition is not far away.
I have been creating a big piece for the show opening in March...more pics soon!
I was alerted to this beautiful painting called " Girl in Black" by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst from the NGV.
I think I have found my long lost great Aunty?????


  1. I love your birds too. Can I ask how much they are and also the size? thanks, mel x

    1. Hi Bungalowgirl,The budgies are $45 including postage. They are approx 8cm high.
      xBetty jo

  2. pretty pretty blue birdie. Love the portrait of your 'Aunt' very good likeness.


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