Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Piece of Cloth

 Busy pulling together my piece for our up and coming show at Gleaners Inc. 
We have invited 30 local and interstate designers and craftspeople to be a part of  this exhibition entitled "A Piece of Cloth" at our retail space/gallery in Brunswick. 
The show will be a part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program and run throughout March 2013.
A swatch of cloth was distributed to each designer participating and as part of the brief, they must respond to this fabric, ie; the pattern, the texture or the colour palette, by creating a finished piece incorporating or referencing their cloth swatch.
Finished work in the exhibition will include fashion and clothing, textiles, jewellery and accessories, works on paper and sculptural pieces.

One “Piece of Cloth” + 30 designers = 30 unique works linked by a common thread. 

 My work is titled "Bloom" and is made of, you guessed it, retro lino and preloved buttons!
Everyone is invited to the opening party. If you can't make it it runs throughout March!


  1. oh wow, you have done a great job both with the design and the colour. Must get along in March for a look.


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