Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Groove!

Now it's February I have been getting back into the groove of making. 
 These Pink ducks have flown to a lovely Facebook friend who snapped them up last week. She mentioned I should put a warning on the parcel " The wearing of Depends strongly advised"! Compliments or what!
I mentioned on Facebook that here at Betty Jo Designs, we believe Budgies are the new Owls.
But this Owlie clock just had to be made. The buttons, doilies and lino seemed to assemble themselves in such a random non matchy way that I just had to put him all together!
Still thinking about our friend Curlypops.( who is the queen of floral designs). The other day I was wearing  one of her Doily flower hair clips when this message appeared on the Gleaners Inc. Facebook page. 
I loved the sentiment xxx


  1. Your budgies sure deserve to lead the way. Any news of our lovely friend Cam? Cherrie


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