Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Magic Tome!

If someone wrote a non- preachy, relevant book about:
• How to manage motherhood and run a full time business.
• How to nurture emotional teenage girls and rein in energetic tween boys.
• How to juggle finances in a somewhat erratic retail climate.
• How to get savvy with accounting and bookkeeping.
• How to keep your creative mojo on the boil and keep a wholesale business bubbling. 
• How to keep the right side of your brain doing it’s artistic best.
• How to micro manage my second job as a taxi driver who has been known to do 5am pickups.
• How to find the “buzz” at meal time to create Vegan delicacies.
• How to get motivated to complete those often neglected tasks (of the housework persuasion)
• How to stay positive when everything around you points to impending doom. ( Global warming, Tony Abbott, Footy season returning)
• How to find enough hours in the day to actually read this Magic tome……count me in, I’ll buy it! 
In the meantime I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and trust the universe.

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  1. You forgot to list what a great friend you manage to be and what a great supporter of the arts and crafts people!!! Stay buoyed up by all the love and admiration we are sending to you! And thanks for being taxi driver for my teen too!


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