Monday, April 29, 2013

Pretty in Pink

I couldn't stop myself using some more of this pretty pink lino to make another set of flying ducks.
The "Pretty in Pink" Flying Ducks are living at Gleaners Inc. and are waiting to be adopted from either EtsyBig Cartel or from the shop if you want to visit us in person.
Last week we spun back to back Divinals in the studio to commemorate the death of the quintessential Aussie rock chic Chrissy Amphlett.  I remember one night I was waiting at the bar in my favorite club when a gorgeous woman strode up and demanded  free drinks. The bar person wouldn't oblige so this woman (yes it was Chrissy Amphlett) got rather antsy. But none of that was important because she was wearing this coat. I have never forgotten it. Well it was the 80's and I had a mad obsession with Micky and Mini.

If a girl owned this coat she could do no wrong in my eyes!

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  1. Lovely selections. Got my eye on those lovely ducks. Got my eye on your next posts.


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