Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long Time No Blog

Ok, I have a confession to make. Me + Blogging = Just not feeling it! 
Life (including running a business and family stuff) has conspired to keep me away from the pages of Lino Forest of late and, after almost seven years of blogging regularly (that included writing several and reading dozens) I'm getting jaded. 
I have less time to read other blogs now. And sadly some of the blogs I  used to love have become too formulaic and samey. Others, like mine, are updated less often than they used to be. Actual life getting in the way too I'm guessing. 
I still like to get my social media fix from Facebook. Even with all it's faults and fees and weirdness it's OK.
Since my smart phone died several weeks ago I haven't been using instagram and guess what? I don't miss that either. I have pulled out my DSLR camera and realize how much I love using it. 
I'm not going to pull the pin on Lino Forest just yet. I will be still popping up here every now and then with some news and  some pretty pictures. Hope to see you when I do.
 Some Betty Jo Autumn toned necklaces recently restocked at Paper Pear in Wagga Wagga.


  1. I would be sad if you pulled the plug. While you don't get the chance to post often, when you do it's always good. I'd rather see rare gold than frequent drivel anyway ;)

    1. Merci for your thoughts Michelle. Rare gold wins every time!


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