Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caravan of Love

 Wouldn't you just love a cute miniature 50's caravan to wear on your coat or sweater?Evoking fond memories of summers past. 
I stayed in my grandmas caravan every summer till I was a teen, and although the fond memories have remained, the not so fun have misted over. 
Traipsing to the toilet block, noisy neighbors, cramped conditions, no privacy and sun burnt shoulders. These are the things you don't really care about as a kid. 
It's a different story as a teen, but the memories of stolen kisses at the carnival and hanging out at the Lakes Entrance shops with sun bleached surfie boys are the stuff of a 14 year olds memoir!
You can get your own custom made "Summer Hols"Caravan brooch at my Esty shop right now!

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