Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Story of Smarty, Trusty and Dummy.

About a month ago my smart phone died. I didn't think I could survive with out him at Gleaners I don't have WiFi and it kept me connected. I reverted to a *dumb* phone for several weeks while he was being repaired and proudly stated that I didn't really miss Instagram and Facebook and checking my incoming emails..........I was FIBBING!
I briefly revived my relationship with my trusty DSLR, but when Smarty came back all fixed, I dumped him. Dummy the phone was delegated to the kitchen drawer full of outdated and unloved equipment and I embraced Smarty, happy to have him in my arms again. I know Trusty the camera will always be there, but I'm happy to see the back of  Dummy. He had nothing going for him.
One of the reasons I love Instagram is it's record keeping capacity. I know the picture quality is not great, but  the convenience and immediacy of snapping and uploading means I rarely miss getting a pic of what I've been making. It's lovely to share and there is the added bonus of  looking at other cool images.It's a pretty picture love fest that I'm happy to be a part of. Fingers crossed it keeps it's upbeat vibe and niceness and the grouchy pants people of the internet world keep away!!!!


  1. I am more than a little addicted to Instagram too, I had to get a new phone when my phone couldn't accept updates for it anymore and deleted it!

  2. I agree Liz and love it for the same reasons.


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