Friday, August 16, 2013

"I Still Call Australia Home" for Walls!

Jeepers, I have been having fun making these maps of Australia.
(They have a hook on the back so they  can be can be hung on the wall and are 28cm by 21cm)
I would be happy to custom make you one in your chosen colour scheme. I'm liking the earthy colours above....very wide brown land!
Please note: Tassie hangs from the mainland in all finished the pierced nipple at the bottom of Australia! ( as one Facebook reader put it) 
This one is a bit busier, but still effective. The funky designs on the vintage lino do all the work for me really. I just cut it and stick it down in my slightly wonky fashion. Both these ones are sold, but orders are being taken.


  1. These are totes cool!!! If I was an aussie I'd definitely get one! I love the way some of the designs in the second one look a bit like traditional aboriginal art..
    We just don't see lino like all the stuff you find over here very often..

  2. Cute! I'm pretty happy with myself for buying your Hottie, and I realised it had a brooch! What a scroe!

  3. They make me want to go out and steal a jumbuck or practice my boomerang throwing. Bonza work Liz.


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