Saturday, September 14, 2013

Farewell Australia.....

No, my blog post is not having a dig at the election, but I honestly feel like I have said goodbye to the Australia I knew and am living in another more conservative country now. 
Back to reality in my studio, and I have been busy making lots of my "I Still Call Australia Home" wall plaques and sending them off round the country to lovely people. 
 I love the lino combinations in this Map. Every scrap has it's own piece of history attached!
 Here is Kara's on the wall in her charming Blue Mountains home. You can order your own Map of Australia from my Etsy shop 
And just to show you northerners that Melbourne can be sunny, I captured this selfie on the first lovely day of Spring. Look- bare arms!

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  1. It will be okay Liz! We can still call Australia home - just wear blinkers and close your ear lids and hope for a better future. Those Australia's rock!


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