Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Australia, Your Standing In It!

Lately it feels like I'm knee deep in Australias.
And in news just to hand, soon you will find one of these Australias on display at the Bonnie Doon holiday house made famous in the Aussie movie "The Castle".
Am I allowed to make a very un-Australian confession? I didn't like "The Castle". I couldn't last the whole movie, in fact I think I only got through a choc top and some smiths chips before I slunk out of the cinema. I think it was the fake ocker accents that drove me away. Have you ever walked out of a movie?


  1. I walked out of "Interview With a Vampire" because I had a blood transfusion the day before seeing it and all the blood just made me whoozy! That and Tom Cruise is yuck! Tom Cruise with long hair is extra yuck. I LOVE your Australias!!!

  2. Loved 'The Castle'. My son who was about 20 when it came out always recites quite a few of the lines, the best.. 'feel the serenity'. We say it often as we have a place on the mainland opposite Fraser Is. I often think it's how you feel on the day, who you're with etc. Can't say I respond well when hubby says. 'what do you call this love'. Lost me then. Love what you do, have your bunting necklace. Have fun. Lee


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