Monday, March 28, 2011

Finders Keepers Highlights

Wow. This year the Melbourne Finders Keepers was chocca block with designer pretties.
Things I liked in no particular order.
: The weather, and my position right near the doors so I could get some fresh air and harbour glimpses! .
: My lovely stall neighbours Able and Game and Emily Green. Both their cool products were going OFF!

This Able and Game Fat Cat mug came home with me!
: The lovely lady who fell in love with my baby fox brooch, came back several times, left the market to go home, then came back and bought him.(it must have been his pleading eyes!): The girl who had been to Mexico 3 or 4 times and told me all about the Day of the Dead festival. I met her best Mexican souvenir (cute boyfriend) and she ended up buying my skull clock and a skull brooch too.
Skull Clock
:Having a stall buddy on Sunday so I could have a wander, a natter, and get over to the Mister Nice Guy cupcake stand before they all sold out!Thanks Finders Keepers team for pulling off another ACE Market!


  1. Hope you had a fantastic weekend of sales!

  2. i saw your wonderful things and loved how they were displayed. they are more brilliant in the flesh. the clocks were amazing, glad the skull one found a good home! i blew my market budget at the frankie table but a betty jo brooch is on the want list next market (if you are there!).

  3. It looks like a fantasic weekend...
    You are lucky to have a "helper"...Half the fun of doing a stall is having a wander and seeing everyone elses...

  4. I loved seeing your stuff in real life too. The details are more stunning in the "flesh". I would have liked to stay and see a bit more but my kids ran out of "market-ability" I will definitely come kid-free and moneyed up next time.

  5. Thanks for visiting Daisy and Bron. Part of the benefit of having a stall is you don't have time to spend money!

  6. Wish i could've made it.. looks awesome..yep funky stall buddy indeed.


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