Sunday, February 2, 2014


Once again Gleaners Inc. is participating in the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival's Cultural Program. A month long exhibition titled "Materialized" will run throughout March at Gleaners Inc.  
Gleaners Inc. has invited designers, artists and craftspeople to take a swatch of vintage material and use it as inspiration for a creative project.
All participants must respond to the fabric, ie; the pattern, the texture or the colour palette, by creating a finished piece incorporating or referencing their swatch.
The material will plant the seed of a creative idea and the final designs will “materialize” as the ideas ger
minate and grow into the finished piece.
The result will be a diverse collection of work that incorporates fashion and clothing, textiles, jewellery, accessories, works on canvas and paper and sculptural pieces. 
 Here is a sneak peek at the one of the pieces I have been making. The fabric has a Moroccan feel to it, referencing these ornately glazed tiles.
. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful work that is being created for the show!

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