Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Noah's Ark of Craft!

I just read somewhere that foxes are the new birds. 
I thought budgies were the new flamingo's, that were the new llamas, that were the new sloths, that were the new bunnies, that were the new horses, that were the new donkeys, that were the new owls. 
Craft is a Noah's ark of animal motifs and what begins as a cute new image on indie designer goods often ends up done to death on everything from school stationary at Officeworks, to kids undies from Target.

Today on Facebook I asked "What animal is on trend in your world?"  
One of my friends answered "Please let's have something native to Australia, not another bleeding' woodland creature" 
I tend to agree. As much as I love the cute European critters, I'm tiring slightly of deers, foxes and their furry friends. 
This is my effort to fly the flag for Aussie Fauna! Still plenty of cute critters to choose from too. Maybe a ring tailed possum will be next.

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