Saturday, June 21, 2014

Turning your day around.

Often one little message can turn a crappy day into a not as crappy day........
"Hi there! I ordered the fabulous "Australia" wall hanging you sent to Southport, QLD this week. It is just so so SO gorgeous ... even better than I'd hoped! I will be gifting it to a friend for her 50th birthday In August. She lives in a cute, old fibro cottage on a lake on the NSW South Coast and has travelled right around Australia so I think this could not be more appropriate"
If you would like to have your own special Map of Australia they are available from my Etsy shop.or pop into Gleaners Inc. to choose one in person.
They are all made from pre-loved linoleum from the 40's and earlier.
This Map has some pretty rosy Lino I rescued from a house reno in Brunswick.
Breaks my heart to think it was on it's way to the tip!

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