Thursday, August 23, 2007

Betty Jo Animals

The little Bunny in this group journeyed up to Collect at Object Gallery in Sydney last year. A lovely girl called Cath bought him for her friend Anna in Melbourne, so back he came. He was worn to school on Anna's jacket and sure enough, he was recognised by my daughter Lily. Anna taught in the class next door. Cath has a brilliant shop in the city called Order and Progress, and now stocks her own selection of Betty Jo of many "It's a small world" incidents, that occur with Betty Jo jewellery.

Then Lily's teacher Georgia, wanted a brooch too. Could I design a Cat? So this Claude Cat brooch was Georgia's original. He has now become quite popular with cat fanciers, along with the "Pedro Puss pendant" (try saying that quickly 5 times)


  1. oh my goodness.. i am a good friend of noferin and found u on their blog and boy i love your stuff... how can i purchase an owl necklace? :):):)

    luv donna xox

  2. What a small world, love them all grouped together!


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