Friday, August 24, 2007

Flashback Friday-cheat week!

No photos to be found of me in this 70's Tee. It fits my 12yo perfectly although she would cringe if she actually had to listen to Skyhooks.
I was old enough to see Skyhooks after Shirl had left, at a school dance. Ho hum, can't even remember the replacement singers name.
I did see Sherbet as a young thing, at Festival Hall, with Dragon, and Ted Mulray Gang. eeeeek


  1. Your work is just lovely. May I commend you on a fantastic blog as well. So much so that I have listed you as one of my favourite.

  2. Great t-shirt. There was another lead singer? I didn't know that.
    My sister went to a sherbert concert and took photos of Garth Porter (Keyboards). Your too cool for school.

  3. My memory has just been rekindled,
    Garth Porter in a satin foofy shirt, unbuttoned quite low, tight flares,
    And now I remember Shirl's replacement was called Tony Williams.
    Thats enough thinking back, my brain is tired.

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  5. Cool shirt... wish I had been that cool... mum and dad were still letting us get out and about wearing Nyngan tshirts.
    Lovely sausage dog by the way!


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