Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Busy and Breezy

Busy finishing my O.S. order. Some of the pieces are travelling to Paris and New York, as well as London. Why can't I go too.....?
It's so sunny (but Breezy) today, so I am wearing this gorgeous 50's cotton dress I found in my favorite Lions Club op shop yesterday. Hand made, perfect fit, and not too pricey. Luckily this op shop still lets you rummage, has not come over all upmarket with things arranged that you can't touch, and has a great toy section, so you can leave the 4 yo to fossick while you browse.

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  1. Oh, gorgeous products you have heading overseas, what an adventure!! I'm having such Thrift Tuesday jealousy, we don't have anything decent in Darwin!! The few op shops we do have, i hope they don't mind children fiddling around. Quick version of a long story . . . my husband is a soldier, so when i told my girls we were going to the Salvation Army, one stood outside & said "where is the war, is it inside". Another said "it smells in here & nothing looks new". Our youngest, a son aged 3, gleefully & silently picked up a mannequin dressed as a school boy & carried him/ it around the store like a friend/ toy. I'm terrified of clowns, so it was apt when the 4th child had rounded up ALL the ornamental clowns she could find, called me over to announce "all the clowns are watching you, are you freaking out mum??" I quickly grabbed 8 old golden books, popped $2 on the counter & fled . . . not before forcing my son to put his new friend back with his plastic family of course. The manager frowned, but when you shop with 4 youg children, you don't really care what anyone thinks, getting home with the same 4 children is the most important thing!! Love Posie


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