Monday, August 6, 2007

Knitting Nostalgia

Looking through the old photos for Flashback Friday reminded me about these last few items saved from childhood. Unfortunately my Mum did a regular clean out and most toys ended up at the local op shop. These beloved knitted teddies belonged to me and my husband as children. His mangy little "Sooty" is all but hanging by a thread. My big "Ted" is somewhat more robust, and the girl teddy is a ring in from somewhere. They are sitting on the beautiful, but slightly frayed rug knitted for me by my Nana Lily. Nana knitted a rug for most of the 13 grandchildren, but mine was the first . It is quite rudimentary compared to her later rugs, but knitted with so much love. I have been using it every night this winter and it is still cosy and warm after many years.
These days I find it very hard to see a knitted teddy or a woollen rug in an op shop and not bring them home!

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  1. Understandable, I am obsessed with my knitted toy collection. Although there seems to be less of them in opshops lately. i suspect that the old ladies are chucking them out in favor of displaying more mdoern stuffed toys and this is a distressing thought.


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