Sunday, August 5, 2007

Museum of Linoleum

Yesterday I googled "Linoleum" as you do . I found this very odd , but brilliant site called Museum of Linoleum.
People submit sections of retro lino for the gallery, stories and anecdotes about lino, interesting links, and info about an exhibition of lino in Iceland!
Its quirky and weird, and so appeals to me as I have an obsession with old lino, and now know I'm not the only one in this world who jumps into skips to get it.
This ornately decorated sample is by William Morris circa 1875 . It is very rare as he only designed one range of lino. This piece was rescued from a skip in Oxford U.K.

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  1. Oh, you'd love to live in Defence Housing, we Army wives are forced to make grey faux marble lino our friend. That said, our current Army house is all floorboards & lovely. It's just that i've had the same Army lino in houses from Holsworthy NSW to Winnellie NT. Must have been a sale on it?? Nothing as lovely as your images. Oh, i see Lark has the Betty Jo necklace now!! I started a Liana Kabel plague!! Love Posie


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