Sunday, September 16, 2007


Three Buttons has told a couple of great coincidence stories.
I have had a few myself, mainly related to people I meet and my jewellery.
Once I saw a necklace I had made for sale in a vintage clothing shop in King St. Newtown. When I asked the shop owner how she had come to have it, she said she had bought it second hand at the Bondi markets. It had originally been for sale in another shop in King St. that had closed, four years earlier. The two shops were almost in the same location.
Another coincidence happened on my quest for recycled lino.
A guy who runs the local second hand shop (and who doesn't mind a bit of Skip diving) found me a big pile of lovely old lino.(sample pictured above)
Months later I got a text message from an acquaintance, with the address of a big pile of lino being thrown out. The same lino.
And now my daughter is having singing lessons at the house where it originally all came from.

Owl pendant made from the lovely lino.


  1. Hi Betty Jo

    Thank you for visiting my blog - I have just spent the good part of an hour delighting in your Lino Forest. This blog is a wonderful mix of the personal and the artistic and I'm going to link up to your site right now so more people can enjoy it. There is a forest brooch with your name on it if you would like??? I am going to make a few more next week :)
    With smiles, Laura

  2. I love it!! Doesn't a good coincidence just amaze you. Wishing you many more good coincidences to come!


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