Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Colour is Good

Happened to log in while I was away and found a great message from a fabulous artist/sculptor Jane Gillings. Jane, who lives in Sydney, mentioned she had some lino I may like. Now this is the best bit ... we were virtually passing her house on our way back from the Blue Mountains to the Northern Beaches, and there it was, lots of these great pieces in bold primary colours, sitting on her veranda.Now the sad bit. I didn't actually get to meet Jane (pictured above). Her passion is collecting bits and pieces and sorting them into colours. Jane's blog ,"This Bower My Prison"and website have such brilliantly diverse work. I love her sculpture created from coloured plastic"stuff".Everyday items that have been put together in a totally unexpected way. Her 3D recreations of famous paintings have to be seen to be believed.

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  1. Now the Blue Mountains to the Northern Beachs, that is some hike, motorways aside. I grew up on the North Shore & my husband used to rock climb in the Blue Mountains (they don't allow it anymore, which dates our relationship, OK, he was my teenage sweetheart). Anyway, that was a long trip back to my house for a Saturday climb & Saturday night date. Love Posie


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