Thursday, September 27, 2007

Betty Jo goes Russian

These little creatures popped up on an interesting site the other day. It was mostly written in Russian, so I used my google translater to read the words......
"For their decorations, she uses pieces linoulima x 50 years vintazhnye buttons, of rivet chains and generally all that can be found in babushkinyh zakroma".
"Each gay or Coloumb individual, and not to repeat similar."
The words will still remain a bit of a mystery...........although I like a good mystery.


  1. Amazing - what a small world it is.

  2. That is seriously cool. Love the description. "Gay" is simply not used enough these days. My parents still say "queer" when they are not feeling well. I'd like to have them say that outload to strangers "i'm feeling queer Brian" says Barbara. He he he, love Posie


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