Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fairy Gifts

The Lino Fairy, Button Fairy, Doily Fairy, and Swap card Fairy all visited Betty Jo this weekend and granted her some gifts!
I display and sell all my brooches and pendants on a vintage swappie, but these pretties are going straight into the album!

This knitting book came home too. All the images were shot at Tarronga Zoo, and are hilarious. More piccies soon!

And a big thanks to the delightful Kirsty at kootoyoo for adopting an Owlie clock and giving him such a lovely home.


  1. It's my absolute pleasure! I love your swappies. I had an album just like that but preferred the 2 rubber bands just around the corners for easy swapability. I guess the album is "the pool room" for swappies. How funny are those T bar shoes on that poor boy?

  2. I would love to have a peek inside the junior knits book. It looks very interesting!


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