Monday, September 3, 2007

Little Circus Design

The internet never fails to delight me, turning up lovely treasures and surprises you didn't know about. Just the other day I was contacted by Madeleine from Little Circus Design and I discovered her amazing artwork.
We chitchatted and, as well as finding out we had some things in common, we also agreed to do some swapping, one of the things I love most in the world!
These prints are my favorites , but of course, they are in all my favorite colours , and include birdies. I can't go past a sweet little bird.


  1. always love visiting your blog, but this is my first commenting. you have great links and sites to fun artists and your button work is fabo!

  2. These illustrations are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

    Love Kirsty

  3. LOVE red & pink together, just lovely & cheerful. Love Posie


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