Saturday, October 20, 2007

Etsy -Yes or No?

I have lost count the number of times people have asked if I was on Etsy.
So, should I take the plunge? If any one has some information or thoughts about etsy I would be very grateful.
Is it time consuming? Tricky to use? Do the retail benefits pay off?
The world of web based selling is massive and I don't want to get lost.


  1. Hi
    I sell on Etsy and I have found it to be really good.
    It does take a little bit of work initially setting it up. There is also ongoing work with renewing items, participating in the forums, etc. but its a case of how much you want to do I suppose.
    If you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a note at
    Good luck.

  2. Hi ho, hmmm, i don't do esty, might one day, i'm too busy with my websites & my thinking is, etsy & for that matter eBay is for the smaller businesses & hobby mummies to have an on line outlet. That's my 2c.
    RightyO, today my lovely customer Jean brought in her 3 Betty Jo brooches - an owl (of course with pop press stud fastener eyes), a scotty dog & a bird with a fabric covered button. She even had them still on/ safely kept on the cards you sold them to her on. Oh, such beautiful work. I felt like i was holding art!!
    Please send your sister along to the Nightcliff markets, i'd love to meet her. Or has she spied me already?? I've missed a few weekends as my children did a 4 person chicken pox relay, fun fun fun.
    Love Posie
    PS Stacey always has sound advice!!

  3. Thanks for your feedback Stacey and Posie.
    I was a little eager to think I had the time to maintain an etsy online shop.
    I love being on because Sally does all the work!
    Maybe one day, when my 4yo "barrel of monkeys" has started school.


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