Monday, October 22, 2007

Paul Smith

Jonny Hyland, the Paul Smith buyer from London, was nice enough to send me a few piccies of Betty Jo pieces in the Covent Garden store. As it is coming up for winter over there, my pieces are sharing cabinet space with scarves and beanies, as well as other glam accessories.
According to Jonny, they are getting a great response from the customers and selling well.
It's funny to think my lino critters have travelled so far ( they are also in the Paris store) and are getting some good exposure O.S.
A rainy day at Paul Smith,Covent Garden!


  1. That is super exciting - well done!

  2. Wow, that is super super exciting!! I was telling Tina from Sweet Pea Collection all about Jean's Betty Jo brooches, she said they sound groovy. Jean also has a collection of Tina's necklaces. Happy lino hunting, love Posie

  3. uber congrats on your english exposure. top job, and of course couldn't happen to a nicer lino lady!

  4. Well who'da thunk it. A bit over 2 years ago I had a pile of lovely old buttons and a few pieces of vintage lino sitting in front of me,then, wait for it...idea.(Imagine lightbulb turning on over my head)
    So thanks for the cool comments.


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