Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday

I liked my teddie, but my favorite activity as a child was being absorbed in a book. I still have a few of my favorites.......

The Joan Walsh Anglund collection were adorable, this little mirror and brush were still in their box (found yesterday)

Anything by Enid Blyton( including all my mums old hardbacks) and "Story Time in the Land of Nowhere" by Mary Kendal Lee which was my all time favorite!


  1. Yes, Enid Blyton, I read them all..

  2. I forgot all about books, I have a very old one that is falling apart, I must get it and share the photos. I love all your pics. I have recently bought some old Enid Blyton books and love to read then now. I didn't like reading much as a kid but am making up for it as an adult.

  3. oh i loved Enid Blyton mum still has my HUGE collection of them back home. She's keeping them for her grandkids (when she finally gets some)

  4. Re-reading Enid Blyton to my daughter found me wanting to change alot of the words and expressions so they weren't so daggy and unP.C.
    It was quite dissapointing discovering I could hardly read them with out cringing.......(apologies to Enid)


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