Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The Lino Lady"

Today I'm off to pick up some old lino from Melanie of "Textile Allsorts".
I have been fortunate in the lino stakes of late, with many people remembering the "lino lady" when they come across discarded pieces.
I have just entered the world of Flickr ( yeah, I know, a bit slow) and noticed these gorgeous lino designs captured the eye of others.

Still recovering from the Museum yesterday, when half of Melbourne's preschool population descended along with toddler siblings, parents, and thousands of MASSIVE strollers....eek!
On days like that a Museum membership pays for itself, as I walked straight in past a queue of hundreds!!!
At the info desk, I was greeted by three fans of Betty Jo jewellery, "Oh you're the Lino lady!"

*Update- Picked up the excellent 50's lino from the lovely Melanie, had a cuppa and a chat while I feasted my eyes on all her amazing creations....eye candy or what!
This is some of the lino, and 2 snippets from the "Herald" that was layed under it in Nov.1956 (life is so different 50 years on...Mr.Bush you know who you are.)

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  1. Sensational pickups. Can't wait it morph into Betty Jo loveliness


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