Saturday, October 6, 2007

This is Art

I love Keith Haring's street art. When he visited Melbourne in 1984 he left his mark on a selection of walls around town and some still remain. A big mural is slowly fading in Johnston St. Collingwood. The little piece near Richmond station is gone, so too the interior of the old "Hardware Club". His mural on glass at the N.G.V was somewhat controversial, as some media saw it as an attack on Australian indigenous art. This wall, in Napier St. Fitzroy surrounds a private house where Keith Haring stayed while in Melbourne.
Does anyone know of any more Haring graffiti around town?

Visited the Guggenheim exhibition at NGV yesterday, and was very impressed. I loved the Pop Art and the Abstract Expressionism collections. Later that day Charlie came home from kinder with this painting that could sit happily next to a Mark Rothko or Helen Frankenthaler abstract.
Canal (1963) by Helen Frankenthaler

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