Friday, December 14, 2007

Niceness is Catching

Yesterday I had a brief photo shoot in my very compact studio for the article in the local paper.
Now, do you smile or look serious when posing for an "at work" shot?
Josie the photographer nicely suggested to smile slightly while looking busy.... so we'll see if that worked.
Then I visited my local jewelley supply shop,"Bead Yourself" to get some chain, and the lovely Gab had ordered a whole roll for me from her supplier at no extra charge. What a nice gesture.
I always endeavor to support local businesses if possible, and establish a good rapport with the staff. (and this shop has a kiddy corner!) Finished making some pieces for Georgielove and some chrissy gifts for nice people.
A big thank you to Kara Smith for nicely mentioning my work on her blog Fabric Fantastic. Have a look at her dreamy bags, all made from vintage fabrics and buttons.
And finally, Lily saved up enough to get herself this special girl after waiting for four years...and that's a nice achievement!


  1. Thanks mate! I love sharing the craftiness of others round...


  2. Lily will treasure her always, that is a VERY nice achievement.


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