Friday, December 21, 2007

A pack!

When looking at peoples work on Flickr, I'm always attracted to the "Group shots" and collections of things in a bunch. Plenty of colour and busyness. A lot like my life really.
Here is a bunch of Scottie dogs doing what dogs do! Or do you say a pack of Scotties?
My sister dug my original swap card album out of her stuff yesterday. It had some lovely old swappies in it, and to prove it was mine, I'd written my name on the inside cover.And if anyone was wondering, this is where "Betty Jo", came from.


  1. AAAh, yes! I do love a 'pack' too. And there's something about sets of 3. Thanks for solving the Betty Jo mystery! I'm waiting for my Betty Jo owl to arrive via Georgie Love. BUT yes would love to do a swap.. maybe dogs should be our theme!

  2. Those Scotties are so cute.....I wore my owl again yesterday and everyone even the checkout chicks asked where it was from - you need an outlet in Ballarat !


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