Monday, January 21, 2008

New Stockists for 08'

The year is starting up quite nicely. A gentle POP, more than a BANG!
I finally have a new stockist in King St. Newtown, N.S.W. This is special for me, as I lived just off King St. in the early nineties, and knew at least half the shop and cafe owners along the street.
I worked around the corner at the Bead Company, and sold my jewellery and craft in at least 6 different shops in Newtown. So look out for Betty Jo in"Dragstar"
I have also been gently prodded for the last 6 months to join"Moose Art for Living" online store, so I now feel the time is right to spread the Betty Jo love a little further into cyberspace.
There are some fabulous designers I have admired for awhile at Moose such as Northey, Elke Kramer and Rebecca Ward.The lovely celluloid flowers from this broken vintage necklace make cute owl eyes.

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  1. As another ex-King Street living lady from the '90s, congrats! Your success is much deserved! :-) x


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