Monday, February 25, 2008

Hopping Off!

The Betty Jo clan are flying up North for a little R&R break...see you soon!
(I will now stop checking the 7 day weather forecast for Byron Bay, it's totally outta my hands!)


  1. Have a great trip!

    I finally bought an owl brooch at Hive the other day (my compensation for missing out on a trip to the coast due to being sick). I'm wearing it for the first time with a black sparkly cardigan at my boring public service job today and it is totally brightening up the office! Thank you for making such beautiful creations.

  2. Have a great time on your trip!

    When you get back would you like to do the 7 Random Things meme? I tagged you on my blog :)

  3. Hi Betty Jo, I just discovered your blog and your fabulous creations. I'm in love! I've got to have one of your pony brooches! I'm off to check out the links for your stuff! xo, suzy

  4. Damn net beat me to it as I'm harassing you too for the seven things meme.

  5. Have fun!

    That bird on the right is really cute! :o)


  6. I hope you have a great trip. I picked something up at a fete for you. It's pretty heavy, how best to get it to you? email me at annadee at ozemail dot com dot au


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