Monday, March 3, 2008

Seven things.......

I've been asked by Net to list 7 random things about me, so here goes,

1.Very early on in life I realized I would never be musical, maybe that is why I am attracted to musicians ( or is it just big boys with guitars!)

2. I love the smell of wet foresty earth, and most woody smells like sandalwood.

3. If I wasn't such a city girl I would love to live on the edge of a sub-tropical rainforest( with broadband access of course)

4.I regret not studying sculpture at Uni- but have many ideas in my head for sculptures I would like to create. (maybe someday soon?)

5.I love little Shrines (they feature heavily in my sculpture ideas)

6.I can't stop buying vintage childrens books even though I have no room for any more. Same with lovely old fabric, even though I am rubbish at sewing.

7. I love always being creative...even though it is to the detriment of other necessary passtimes like housework, grocery shopping and general home maintenence,( except mowing the grass which I so enjoy!)

UPDATE...You can now buy Betty Jo designs online at
Thanks to Pip for doing a brilliant job as my Sales agent and supporter of Betty Jo designs!


  1. ooh, I identify with number 7. Sometimes I end the day telling my family 'well... I haven't got any food ready, but I made such a great giraffe today'!

    Congratulations on all the new stockists!

  2. oh yes, no.7! I'm not alone then. Dora


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