Friday, March 14, 2008

Ambiguous Horse

I recently mentioned that "Ambiguous Horse", the brainchild of Pip Carroll, now has an online store. The Ambiguous Horse wholesale agency has a stable of seven designers- "Lost in the Woods" "Dapple Grey", "Small Town" "Little People","This Charming Man" , "Quyen" bags and "Betty Jo designs". Along with these designers work, this really funny and "in the moment" compilation is for sale. It's called "200 Characters"- A day in the life of the short message service (you know...texts!). I have my includes a couple of my loved ones messages I just couldn't delete.
There will be a Launch Party on Friday April 18th at AmbiguousHorse headquarters, Level 1, 233High St. Northcote.

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  1. I've only just found your work and I think it's fab! Like you I developed my crafting business because I didn't want to return to teaching!


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