Thursday, March 13, 2008

Look out for the Herd....

A few of these Dooly dinosaurs are going for the camouflage look!
They flew to Perth today in a big parcel for "Store", so I hope they arrived safe and sound.
"I do trust Australia post, I really do" (my silent chant when ever I put a Big order in the express post box.)


  1. I too had to utter the postie prayer this week. I think we should write one..Just as well lost doesn't rhyme with post. (explain that to the little ones!) looooove the swan planter!

  2. where abouts in perth do the little critters get sold?
    mayhaps i need some neck decoration

  3. Tara, I know Sally(georgielove) would be in on the postie prayer group! I imagine it's a common concern with so many crafty sellers.
    Sophie, some stockists in Perth are,
    Form in the city, Store in Claremont
    (and a couple of other outlets now),
    Billie and Rose in Freo and Mt.Lawley


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