Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to do a Craft Room

The "Good Weekend" in today's "Age" featured a piece on How to do a Craft room. Isn't this room to die for? But it is soooo tidy.
My tiny craft room or studio (once our unused front veranda,) is always in a state of organized disarray.My work bench is covered in bits and pieces, but they are all there for a purpose, I assure you.
Every available space is home to my materials, tools and random inspirational stuff!
But, unlike the Age journalist who maintains "there'll be strictly no tidying up allowed", from experience I know it must be done....... if this crafter wants to fit in their craft room!


  1. I would love to have your craft room - so much colour!

    But yes, tidiness does need to be employed occasionally, if only so that you can find things. trust me - I've been cleaning my studio for a week!

  2. Oh Dear, this is where I am at as well - needing to tidy !


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