Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is "In the Bag"

Bric a brac from my very adorable "cuban pink" recycled bedspread/tablecloth bag bought from the markets at Byron Bay.
Muchos lip balm, most important. Same with sunnies and choccy. Practically empty purses.
Cute Liana Kabel bunny hair clips. And Ruby Owl button hair ties.
Craft Vic. Member card, Greville Records buy 10 get one free card, Beserk card (Karen from The Cats Meow), and a guest pass to Fitzroy pool so I can swim a million laps!


  1. Just like me - lots of pouches and purses, but no money!

  2. oooh, gorgeous bag, with gorgeous 'stuff'. Love the little purses!

  3. That handbag is gorgeous. I would be walking around patting it because it's nice and fluffy!

  4. I love you bag too, it would definitely get lots of stroking

  5. Pettable Purses...there's an item just waiting to be made.

    Your purse seems very much like the you of your blog...multi faceted.


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