Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Books I love!

For the life of me I cannot choose a favorite book for this weeks "This is". Should it be an amazingly illustrated children's book, an inspiring crafty hand book or a novel that made a huge impact and that I would read over and over?
Ok, so these are my 3 favorites this week, they could change next week, as I delve deeper into the book shelves........
1."The Lazy Bear" by Brian Wildsmith, my favorite illustrator. The art work is so beautiful and the story is lovely too. And look, it's autographed by Brian himself! 2. This gorgeous book "Fashion Market II"was a gift from Lily. It is a collection of 13 UK artists/designers from the markets of London. With a chapter each featuring their studios, collections and inspirations....just delicious. Can you see the stitching on the cover? ( I can easily see a Melbourne version of this)
3."The Magus" by John Fowles, totally blew my mind when I first read it. My original copy disappeared, so I bought this copy second hand to re-read it. Imagine my annoyance when I got to the end, but found the last page MISSING!
And have a look over at "Lino Forest's Corner Shop" . There's a new little friend for sale.....a sneaky peek below!


  1. Helllloooo Dolly, well helllloooo Dolly ...

  2. Oh I've always loved Brian Wildsmith books too! I have a vague memory of one that has an owl on the cover but I can't seem to find it ....

    I'll definitely look this one up though :-)


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