Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Betty Jo stuff.

Well, thanks to Julie Knoblock, I have been tagged again.Does anyone want to read another 7 random things about me. I didn't think so. But what about Betty Jo Designs? Ok here goes.......

1. One day I spotted a lovely old Kitchen dresser left on the nature strip (obviously being chucked). A friend and I carried it home (phew!), and inside I found the cupboards lined with some cool vintage lino. This got me thinking......

2. Sam from April May, and MaryLou from Scally and Trombone were the first stockists to give my lino jewellery a try. You're never too sure when selling a new product, so thankyou to them!

3. I have a huge roll of lino in my garage donated by a friend which is originally from the old Preston and Northcote Community Hospital(PANCH) It is pink and rubbery. But no blood splatters thankfully!

4. Our street got flooded in 2003. The old lady's house up the road was under 1 mt of water, so her children moved her out and sold the house. Later the new owners ripped everything out including her pretty vintage kitchen lino which of course went to me. We had to rip out our horrible 70's vinyl and ugly carpets which was quite a good thing.

5. I have so many buttons, I don't think I will ever use them all. Does that stop me acquiring more? No way Jose!

6. I often get called Betty. Dora knows all about this!

7. My studio is tiny (think outdoor loo size x 4) It was originally our front veranda, but now with a couple of windows and a good lot of weatherboards, it is now my very own work space.
I guess it's size will make it easier to recreate our 4 studios in the window of Kid's in Berlin this coming July! (with Annalaura, Madz has Runaway and Sew your Own!)

I won't tag anyone so breath a sign of relief, but just enjoy this gorgeous mini art quilt by Julie.

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  1. I was wondering about where you get all the lovely lino so I was interested to read those 7 random things.

    It will be so interesting to see the studios too.


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