Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Campbell Arcade

Ventured into town yesterday, and popped down to Campbell Arcade to see Karen at "The Cats Meow" (picture below) This cute little shop stocks local designers and ethically made clothes and accessories. It was one of the first city shops to stock Betty Jo designs. If any one had heard about the Major engineering disaster that happened above Campbell Arcade in the Melbourne C.B.D., and was wondering what the state of affairs is now...all is not well in the famous Arcade. Two shops have been pretty much destroyed (Corky St.Clair and a Vintage clothing shop) with total roof cave ins. The excavations above in Flinders St. on Good Friday went terribly wrong, and these poor shops are now gone.
Luckily all the other shops are fine and it's business as usual. Retailers are noticing a slowing of trade, so please everyone, do visit, it's totally safe! And it was a relief to see that none of the gorgeous vintage pink tiling was damaged .Then it was over to the "National Design Centre" in Fed Square to see the amazing exhibition "Garden Of Eden", a collaboration between the design team from Romance was Born and the Archibald Prize winning artist Del Katherine Barton.Barton's brilliant designs were printed onto fabric and crafted into wearable art works. I badly desire the multi coloured flamingo bags and the cute little birdy ones too. The garments have all been sold to a private collector.


  1. Thanks for those tips. I'm coming to Melbourne in a week or so and need more places to go shopping and looking!

  2. It's really dreadful for those poor shop owners.


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