Thursday, April 3, 2008

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Firstly, thanks for the wise and supportive comments regarding my last post on the "Copy Cat Woman"! I felt pretty icky about it yesterday, or was it just the wild weather and the electricity in the air ( a huge branch actually brought down my neighbours power line).
I read a post over here that magnified the crafty copy cat issue to giant proportions with legal action pending and lots of bad blood. So not where I want to be.
As a result, my head has been swirling with ideas - new ideas. Events like that just encourage you to keep moving forward and open your eyes to new and inspiring things.
I love vintage toys and couldn't resist this cute little fellow sitting all alone at Savers. His name is Ducky Flip Flap. He's a Fisher Price push along toy from 1963.So thanks to this cute find I got the idea to make some ducks.... flying ducks.


  1. Flying ducks - these are great

  2. The flying ducks are very cute! You go girl - may the new ideas flow!

  3. Oh, the ducks! They are just great! Love them.


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