Monday, April 21, 2008

My Latest Discoveries.....

Last week I discovered these cutalicious creations on Etsy by Sweethoneycomplex. Now they are winging their way to my place in anticipation of the "chilly neck on a Melbourne morning syndrome".

And for a special bonus we got some excellent head wear for Blythe .
I have also discovered puppies like playmates, and so this second unnamed terrier will be available for sale over the NEW "Lino Forest's Corner Shop".Don't forget to enter the competition to win a puppy brooch. Just leave a comment with your name ideas till Saturday 26th!
I have already received some pearlers, look at the growing list to the left.


  1. Congratulations on the corner shop ! I have to say - I love that blythe hat - way too cute.
    I'm adding the shop to bloglines now!

  2. I love Etsy..there are so many great finds out there. I love the blythe hat as cute.
    Oh and Congrats on 200 posts...I say for a puppy name socket :)
    Cheers Kyla


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