Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello Lotty!

The winner of the puppy brooch is "Big Cat's Emporium", with the name "Lotty". Here is Lotty with Claude Cat.I liked how she combined the L from Lily and spotty from the patterned lino.Lotty is also one of the other names I was considering for Lily until my friend claimed it for her daughter. It amuses me how we name our pets "Kid" names. I had to totally cancel out one of my real favorites "Gracie" as it was the name of my old cat. Another favorite,"Bella" had gone to our other pet puss, and we may have even considered "Chester" if it hadn't gone to the dog already.
So the little puppy has been given a sex and a name. Thanks for all the really sweet and inventive names everyone suggested (it was mighty hard to choose). I'll leave all the names up for a bit longer in case anyone is looking for suggestions for their pet or newborn.
"Lotty"number two is for sale over here, "Lino Forest's Corner Shop", and will be making a guest appearance in a popular magazine starting with "F" very soon.And this is the book I commented about over at Big Cat's blog! Not as juicy as her "Purnell's Life Cycle Book of You", but enough birds and bees info for a five year old for the moment.


  1. OMG! I can't believe I won. I am so, so, so excited. I will send my details through to you. Being the cat woman that I am I will definitely take your offer to swap Lotty for Claude too.

    Thank you for picking me.

  2. oh, and in my excitement I forgot to say that Purnell's Lifecycle Book of Cats looks pretty cool too. I am going to keep my eye out to add to my collection of Purnell's I think.


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