Friday, April 11, 2008

Lino, Lino, Lino!

Another lovely delivery from the postie today. This very vintage lino came in a parcel from Carolyn at "Comfy&Cosy". It was rescued from her friends childhood home before it was demolished. It's at least 60 years old and has hydrangeas on it. Thanks Carolyn, it's gorgeous.Thanks to flickr, I was able to see the lino before it arrived ....ain't flickr grand! A little piece was used to make the wing of this Suzi Sparrow brooch.Speaking of flickr, a couple of images have caught my eye in the past few days, and of course they are lino related.
This 50's kitchen was recreated at a Home Show in Britain, complete with authentic vintage floor covering, curtains, and Tretchikoff print. Love, Love, Love!!! Photo by Jacqi B
And this lino forms part of the collection of a very cool flickrite who is another self confessed vintage linoleum fancier. This lino is not the only thing that is green......the other is me, green with envy!


  1. your little sparrow is gorgeous and oh my god I LOVE that 50's kitchen!!

  2. Suzi Sparrow is gorgeous! And such a lovely way of remembering an old family home (and it's lino!). Thank you Liz!

    I'm a laminex & chrome kitchen setting devotee too. I have an one old set (from the above mentioned family home) and a newer lurid green (70s) set. You can never have too many! I love the Birdie Num Num table!


  3. Glad you like her Carolyn...:-)


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