Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Heart 50's design

After spotting the"Copy Cat"woman with one of my earlier necklace designs, I decided to whip up this new necklace in the same original style.
There are a lot of buttony necklaces around these days, but look for the vintage lino in Betty Jo designs jewellery.And after drooling over the lovely 50's curtains in the kitchen photo last post, that afternoon I found at least 6 metres of this amazing fabric at my fave oppy in Sydney Rd. It still has the manufacturer's sticker from Japan on the edge.
Now I just need some suggestions as to what to do with it (remembering I am rubbish at sewing). At this stage I'm reticent to start cutting!


  1. Arggh! I am experiencing major op shopping & fabric envy right now! What a fantastic find, and how fabulous to find such a great meterage of it.
    Now, the pattern says to me, cushions, recovering furniture, skirts, bean bags (LOL)... so many ideas! What sort of weight is it? That might guide you...

  2. Wow, great find, good for you. Loving the heart necklace!

  3. tablecloth or placemats are fairly easy - or cushion covers. It would make a cool skirt too but you don't really want a skirt that matches your placemats...

  4. seriously good score!
    jealousy know no bounds- you could just give it away........... to me!

  5. you could pop down to olive grove studios in sydney rd, b'wick. betty, on of the designer/makers there was making some loverly skirts there last winter. they had a feature panel in them - i can totally see your fabric there! hopefully she's still making them!

  6. ahem. i mean you could get her to make you a good, winter skirt featuring your fabric. she usually makes to order.

  7. Melanie told me you blogged about this amazing fabric. Wow!! What a find! Your op shopping skills astound me. Love your blog!


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