Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lovely Owls.

I often like to have a squiz at the Flickr group "lovely owls", cause you probably already know, I think owls are lovely, fascinating, and ever so slightly mysterious.( And I like that the owl motif is a recurring image in 70's homewares).

This mug and mirror were found on our weekend Trash and Treasure market visit.
And, after a bit of a break on the clock making front, I was asked by "Douglas and Hope" for a few new clocks for their shop. So I'm hoping this Owl clock will be adopted by a lovely Owl fancier!
Oh, and a big hello to everyone that is visiting via Loobylu.
Do say hello.


  1. Eeeek - Fitz & Floyd? I bid on the cookie jar a while ago on eBay. I'd die if I found it @ Trash & Treasure. BRILLIANT pick up. Never mind the jewellery - you better find a hiding spot for that mug!

  2. Hello! I saw some of your work "in the flesh" for the first time the other day in the window of a shop in Brunswick. Being a visitor to the inner 'burbs from the outer 'burbs I was very excited to see that your fabulous pieces are quite big! I had no idea! And very beautiful, but I knew that already.

  3. Hello, i'm a 'via loobylu' and i think your broaches are lovely! And the clock is too much, such a fantastic use of lino... Will have to check them for real!

  4. I love the mug! I have the cookie jar in that fitz & floyd make, but I think the mugs are oh so cute. I'm always after them on eBay, but they sell for like $70! epic score there miss! x


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